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Everything in a Restroom and More

Everything in a Restroom and More

Accurate Partitions's
Integrated Privacy™ Line

Accurate Partitions has set a new standard for privacy with Integrated Privacy™ Partitions. These partitions are designed to include built-in privacy, seamlessly coming together as a perfectly matched unit. The result? Exceptional aesthetics and complete privacy without the need for additional components.

Introducing the ASI Matte Black Collection

ASI’s Matte Black Collection provides a chic alternative for modern washrooms. Carefully curated to be versatile and powder coated for added durability, these accessories are ready to make a statement in any setting. The boldness of black creates an air of sophistication, while the subtlety of the matte finish exudes warmth.

Shown: 0042-41 Surface Mounted Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser, 0210-41 Surface Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser, and 9343-41 Soap Dispenser


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